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Manuscript Editing
Scientific and Academic Editing

Choose from either our Classic editing service, in which one of our qualified editors will polish your manuscript for grammar, word usage, and a native English voice or our Comprehensive edit, in which we will also rewrite confusing sentences, rearrange paragraphs if necessary, and address structural issues in your paper. All of our work conforms to the highest publication and ethical standards and we will continue to work with you until you and your target journal are satisfied with the language.

A man holds cover letter
Cover Letters

The expert that edits your manuscript can write a 1-2 page cover letter that accurately and succinctly describes your research topic and findings and demonstrates its suitability to the journal to which you are submitting. A well-written cover letter will give a favorable first impression and increase the chances of your paper's acceptance for peer review and publication.

Scientific Journals
Journal Recommendation

Our experts will recommend 3-5 appropriate journals for your manuscript submission. We base our recommendations on your research area, journal suitability, your target readership, and the journal impact score, saving you time by directing your submissions to the journals most likely to publish your research.



Our team of qualified editors are hand-picked for their background qualifications and editing expertise. All editors must either hold a PhD in a scientific field or have an advanced degree and extensive experience, ensuring that your paper is edited by a subject matter expert. Each of our editors is a native English speaker and has been trained to meet the top science writing standards and comply with publishing ethics guidelines.

We guarantee our work and will continue working with you until you and the journal to which you have submitted your manuscript are satisfied with the final product.



Classic Editing   

(7-9 business days)

Classic Editing, Expedited Service

(3 business days)   


Comprehensive Editing

(7-9 business days)                       


Comprehensive Editing, Expedited Service (3 business days)        

Journal Recommendation             

Cover Letter                                   

$70/1000 words










     ($50 with comprehensive edit)


     (free with comprehensive edit)

*All editing prices are per 1000 words 

*The references section is not included in the word count



For any inquiries, questions, or to submit a manuscript for editing, please email or fill out the following form


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We stand by our work. If a manuscript that we have edited gets sent back from the journal for English language or grammar issues, we will re-edit it for free until you and the journal are satisfied.

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